Another Year, Another Budget – 5 Things to Consider for FY2015

July 8, 2014 / Uncategorized /

For many large companies and associations, the end of June means the end of another fiscal year. And with the old fiscal year drawing to a close, the time is right to consider what to try adding to the budget for the new year looming around the corner. Here are five reasons to keep promotional products in mind while allocating next years spending!

1. Client Gifts 

Your clients are what keep you going, and making sure you leave room in the budget to show your appreciation will be what keeps them coming back. Something as small and simple as a fun gift has the power to win your customers’ loyalty and keep you on their mind.

2. Employee Rewards

tumblr_inline_miyogvsHVd1qz4rgpAt the end of the fiscal year, progress and success for the company has to be recognized. Carving out a piece of the budget to show your employees that their hard work is valued is worth doing – not only because it encourages more hard work, but because rewards can also make great promotional items for employees to showcase.

3. Boost for New Services or Products

If there are big plans in the budget for a new project or launching a new service, promotional products are a crucial way to boost that effort. Promoting new products or services to existing and potential clients will go a long way toward business development success.


4. Conventions or Trade shows

Exhibiting  at conventions or trade shows revolves around promotional swag. Giving out products leaves an impression beyond the event itself, because every time a recipient looks at the item they will be reminded of your company.



5. Brand Recognition

brand-equityHaving a great logo as the recognizable face of your company is a huge part of successful promotional products. If you already have a great logo, flaunt it with promotional items, mailings, and more. But if you don’t, dedicating some time and a piece of the new budget to revamping your company’s logo is worth serious consideration. Having strong brand recognition begins with a strong logo after all!